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Tickets, please V2

article Ideas calendar_today 2021-01-07 10:31:38

I presented original idea in Tickets, please a few days ago. I really liked the theme (well, of course, I did came up with it), however I wasn’t satisfied with how game play worked, so I decided to scrap the game play and start over. What if we leave the same theme, the same graphic design, but create new, different mechanics?

Let’s do that. 


Tickets, please

article Ideas calendar_today 2020-12-31 20:53:08

Background for idea. Different countries ensure differently that people who use public transportation pay for it. I know that in UK, when you enter the bus you show the ticket to the driver. I never tried not to show the ticket, so I don’t know what they do in that case. Probably shout at your and go berserk mode.  

In the country I live, there is different approach. We use e-tickets. It can be on a card or on the phone. In most cases driver doesn’t care. However time to time the whole bus is stopped and when the team of three people (who look like security of the mall) climb into the bus and ask every one: could you show your tickets please? How often you can encounter them? Depends on the time you are using the public transportation and the route you are going. Sometimes you can meet them everyday, other times you can see them once a year. They somehow sense when you are late for the meeting, so they always stop the bus in that case and make you even more late.

And of course, if somebody has no ticket, he must pay a fine.

BTW, how do they check if you are paying for public transportation in your country/city?

In this game, you will be the guy/girl who is checking the tickets of the passengers and your goal, of course to catch the ones who ride with no ticket. 


Royal ball

article Ideas calendar_today 2020-12-29 22:10:51

Intro. King invites all the nobleman for the lunch before the Royal hunt tomorrow. Everybody will try to stuff their belly with as much food as they can and everybody will show off they prized dogs and horses. However King is very immature and insecure, so you can’t eat or have more than king or you will be punished, but if you eat and have more than any other nobleman you will get a favor from the king.